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 Les Bio-Simple is a companie that will give you a high quality, eco-friendly and 100% natural cosmetics

we guaranty you that every products is freshly made as you order them and you will be able to feel the difference on your skin.

You won't be able to go without them after you tried them.

For every question please contact us it will be our pleasure to answer you in the same day.

Let us personalise your fresh cosmetics so you can feel good with a perfectly adapted product

For a free delivery (pick up in store option)  a meeting point or third person agreement can be available.

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Free delivery for all St-Mary's employee and the Douglas institute (let us know with your payment)

All orders will be treated 5-7 business days

Wtih summer at our door all shipping order are going to be send in regard of the temprature.  thank you for your comprehension



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goat milk soap

goat milk soap

90g   make your soap unique like you are unique in a couple of seconds. Choose your base add y..




rich and moisturizing lipbalm and long lasting effect without an heavy sensation on your lips. Wi..


gimme a glow  cream care

gimme a glow cream care

40g size contain orange blossom (Brightening, it restores radiance and light to the complexion.) ..


Simply me ( regular size)

Simply me ( regular size)

   +/- 80g   100% handmade soap  ingredients are ORGANIC and Eco-Friendly certified made with..



pour Julie Fontaine
rouleau de Jade


The 100% vegetable Konjac sponge comes from the root of the Konjac (Amorphophalus Konjac), a plant..


Savon pour visage Le Phoenix

Savon pour visage Le Phoenix

Very mild soap for the face that contains Borage: Its balanced concentration of omega-6 giv..


solid perfume

solid perfume

ideal for discreat scent, bring on the way in a purse or a bag or even as a first perfume for your..


soft beard

soft beard

Beard conditioner Apply a nut (or more depending on the length) on a clean beard. Leave on for a ..